jigsaw puzzles

the next pieces of work are in progress and are taking shape.
hundreds of jigsaw puzzle pieces. there will be a table and a lamp in this series.

thousands of domino tiles recently acquired and will be littering the workshop. ideas processing.

reconstructing craig-martin (2012)

british artist, michael craig-martin uses a style of detached conceptualism to deconstruct everyday objects. here, the lamp is reconstructed back into three dimensions.

utensil camp lamp (2010)

camping and kitchen objects come together to create an unsual lamp.

lego table (2012)

thousands of pieces of lego blocks have been bonded together permantly to create a playful coffee table.  4 small lego men hide in the legs - gate-keepers protecting the piece from tinkering children.

kinky legs table (2011)

piano gloss black legs, tipped with machined aluminium, hold the two layers of etched and painted glass.  

rubber band lamp - large (2012)

hundreds of couloured rubber bands make up this lamp stand.  the shade is made from thin strips of tape.

rubber band lamp - small (2012)

hundreds of coloured rubber bands have been used to create the lamp stand and shade.  a low wattage LED bulb provides a low temperature glow.

frosted glass chair (2009)

toughened frosted glass seems to defy gravity's need for the user to come crashing through the middle of this.

oh deer (2010)

a playful taunt of the brave hunters who hide at the other end of a gun to manfully take the life of an animal, only to show-off their prowess on the walls of their homes.  this piece is constructed from shed antlers from the rutting season along with a resin skull.  gaily coloured paint and glitter further enhances the tounge-in-cheek fun-poking at the macho.  100% vegetarian.

utensil lamp

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